Introducing a new consulting service: Jump Start Your Finances

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed by your company’s 401K choices?
  • Confused about investment products?
  • Living from paycheck to paycheck?
  • Saving enough to meet your financial goals?
  • Getting all the tax deductions you are entitled to?

Jump Start Your Finances is a consultation session for younger individuals and couples, who have important questions about their finances, but who may not yet need a written financial plan.

The Jump Start Your Finances Consultation will teach you:

  • How to choose the right investments for you,
  • About diversifying your portfolio and why it’s important,
  • Why you should check your credit every year,
  • How to create a realistic and workable spending plan,
  • About basic income tax planning, including how much you should withhold from your paycheck.

The Jump Start Your Finances Consultation is a 2 hour consultation, in person or via telephone, and is perfect for recent college graduates, first-time employees and beginning investors. Here’s what you’ll get from your financial checkup:

  1. 1-on-1 coaching session with a CFP/CPA
  2. A review of your 401K or other employer-sponsored plan
  3. A Prioritized “to-do” list
  4. Educational worksheets on financial planning topics

Ready to get started? Contact Kristine McKinley at 816-739-4853, or email us at to setup your consultation today!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? A gift certificate for the Jump Start Your Finances Consultation is a thoughtful gift for the holidays, graduation, weddings, or any occasion! There’s no better gift than the peace of mind that comes with preparing for your financial future.